Expert Tips for Organic Beauty Products and Natural Skin Treatment

For skin that is so healthy it glows….

serenity asian woman organic skin careI recommend drinking Purestuf Organic Skin Tea ( available by emailing [email protected] , 3 cups a day for 3 weeks to assist in all skin problems from dryness – eczema, oilyness or problematic skin. The therapeutic ingredients are designed to cleanse and fortify the skin from the inside out.

Also important to remember for skin health is to avoid foods that congest – this is usually means avoiding too much dairy, sugar, alcohol, heavily process, packaged or refined foods. We really are what we eat – if you want to look fresh – Eat Fresh!

Eliza Finn, Naturopath 

Mists vs Toners

We all at some point wonder “why should I use a toner?”. Years ago, toners were used to clear excess residue from cleansing – these days, due to the nature of our cleansers, it is unnecessary to use harsh toners. Yet, popular toners on the market still contain high levels of alcohol which creates ‘stripping’ and dehydration to the skin. This is why I feel mists are more beneficial to toners.

Mists predominantly use flower waters, high in water content and natural actives, as a base, which creates a hydrating and nourishing effect whilst maintaining a healthy skin pH balance.

The best way to use a mist is to spritz lightly over the face then seal in hydration with your favourite Purestuf Moisturiser.

The end result – supple, refreshed and refined skin that glows.

Leah Brenchley, Skin Specialist 

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These wonderful expert tips confirm the benefits that organic beauty products and natural skin treatment can be for your skin