Natural Skincare with AHA Ingredient Added

I am very excited about incorporating a natural AHA ingredient into a new range of AHA products based on some of my Goddess Range and Anti Aging Firming Products.

serenity asian woman organic skin care ahaThe natural AHA ingredient I have been testing for the last 12 months originates from the fruit sugars of sugar cane, rather than the synthetically produced ones found in most skincare products.

The main benefit of AHA is that it exfoliates the skin by removing the glue from its upper layer. It then serves to help new skin cells grow.

It reduces “the look” of fine lines on your skin, and helps to stop wrinkles developing.

organic ingredients ahaWhen using an AHA based product, the skin is smoother and softer.  After using an AHA product for some time, there will be a reduction in uneven skin pigmentation  and your skin will become more even texture

AHA can stimulate the growth of cells for a younger looking skin and promote natural growth of elastin and collagen

One thing to note is that when using AHA based products it is important to use sun screen.

You can find out more about the range in our online shop by clicking here. 

The Products in this range include:-

AHA Mask
Anti Aging Firming Body Lotion with AHA
Anti Aging Firming Cream with AHA
Anti Aging Firming Travel Balm with AHA
Anti Aging Firming Vitamin Serum with AHA
Glow Face Scrub with AHA
Leave On Mask with AHA
Liposome Elixir with AHA
Mermaid Cleanser with AHA
Neck Serum with AHA
Rose Face Balm with AHA