Professional Beauty Therapist

The Purestuf Professional range is exclusive to Beauty Salons and Spas to satisfy the ever growing demand of some clients to use only organic and natural skincare products.
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Wellness, holistic and ethical principles are increasingly becoming an important focus to salon and spa goers. Purestuf provides an answer to that demand.

Success of Purestuf All Natural Skin care products comes from the pure nature of the organic ingredients, and the results they give. Natural skincare has an affinity with the skin which provides people with the results that other brands may not provide in the long term. Healing oils and aromas incorporated in the products makes using them a sensual journey for which people come back for more.

As our mission statement says, Purestuf is created with total integrity. This includes our approach to business, marketing and support of our clients. We intend that everyone who uses the products share these holistic benefits, from business owners and professionals, through to clients.

Purestuf supports our therapists and stockists in every way we can.

Chrissy Birdsall also develops new specialised products for beauty therapists who are clients. It is all part of our win win philosophy.

Her professional and retail range of Magic Face Masks have been expanded for one client with a seasonal range of masks and Neck Serum are just 2 examples of recent product development

For more details please email Chrissy at [email protected] or call  on 02 4862 3332