My Passion

I am passionate about providing you with the very best organic skin care products and I would love to share the success of my products with you.

Over the last few years, they have made a big difference to my loved ones, my clients and my 68 year old skin. For testimonials on some of my natural skin care products click through to Purestuf Testimonials Page.

I am constantly researching the latest and best skin care ingredients and formulas. About 3 years ago, this search has lead me to some new anti aging firming ingredients which I have now incorporated into a new Anti Aging Firming Range and also added to some existing products.

In 2016, after more extensive research and testing on loved ones,  I have released a new AHA range with a plant based AHA ingredient which exfoliates the skin by removing the glue from its upper layer. It then serves to help new skin cells grow. It reduces “the look” of fine lines on your skin, and helps to stop wrinkles developing.

This year (2017) I have created a Rose Hydrating Range which rehydrates and revitalises your skin. It is ideal to use at the change of season  or after a flight to your favourite destination.

I look forward to helping you to clear, healthy, beautiful skin.

You too can feel like a Goddess.

chrissy birdsall purestuf natural skin careLove and Happy Thoughts,

Chrissy Birdsall
Owner and Creator
Bowral NSW