Testimonials for Purestuf All Natural Organic Beauty Products

  • Hi Chrissy,
    I just received my package. And I wanted to say that I am extremely grateful. I love your products, they are the absolute best on the market!
    Shani xx
  • thank you so much for my night cream order to sg – which also contained an eye cream! I LOVE your products. Can’t tell you what a joy they are to apply. Thank you :) Rowena Singapore
  • Received my goodies yesterday. Great service and excellent quality products! you are too kind – and very generous. I am now 59, and people still comment on my skin. Am freckle fair but very fortunate to have had skin which is blemish free. This aside, your products are true nourishment and my skin says “Ahhhh……..thank you !” every time I use it.
    My daughter says she can’t be without her soap, and the smell alone is divine! Wendy NSW
  • My granddaughter loves your products for problem skin
    Best wishes and thank you so much for a product of such integrity and purity. Sherry , Sydney
  • Thank you for making all your lovely products, they really do work wonders. Adrienne , Perth
  • I’m waiting for my support person to pick me up after a procedure. The nurse removing the cannula (and the 1/2 kilo of tape) remarked on how well hydrated my skin is, adding that most patients she sees have really dry skin.
    When I told her I’ve been taking high doses of steroids, she nearly fell over dead.
    I’m supposed to have thin, dry, crepey skin by now.
    I told her I’ve been using Pure One and gave her the link to your website.
    Thank you for developing a super product!
    I’m using it every day and yes, my skin looks fantastic.
    Anonymous , Sydney
  • I am so very grateful to both of you for the continued reliable and professional service. The beauty products are like no other I have ever tried on my 50 years on this precious planet. Helen , Blue Mountains July 2017
  • Thank you for your super fast delivery as usual, love the service you provide!  My skin is glowing, love it! Thanks again and keep up the good work!
    All the best,
    Gillian, Mittagong, April 2016
  • Your new Enlighten Mask is like putting liquid silk all over my face. It washed off so easily. Lynne F, Double Bay April 2016
  • Hi Chrissy Just had to let you know how wonderful it is to be using your beautiful products again. My skin feels and looks amazing. Think they are very reasonably priced. Am nearly 55 but after several days of your products am feeling and noticing the difference. Thanks again..absolutely fabulous! Warm regards Wendy. November 2014
  • Hi Chrissy, I am simply emailing you to thank you for such beautiful products. I purchased a sample pack and love love the products. Not only do I love the products I love your holistic approach towards the creating of the products. I have been using natural skin care for over 10 yrs now, and am excited to have found a range that is not only in my local area but also very genuine in the making. I do wish you all the best for the future making of the range of products and shall be sharing your products with my friends. Cherie February 2014
  • “Chrissy your new Anti Aging Firming Range is fantastic and you must get it out there !!!!” Anonymous Bowral
  • “Thank you for sending the Bliss Cream so promptly and for the other goodies.  I’m absolutely convinced there are no skincare products as good in the whole world as Purestuf” – Helen F Chatswood Sydney, November 2013
  • Hi Chrissy, Thank you very much for coming up with theses two fantastic heel treatments (scrub & balm)! I am so happy with it, the skin has improved so much, in just a matter of days, after applying both. I hope you will add them to your product list so i can reorder when needed, and many other of your clients can also take advantage of them. Sonja, April 2013
  • Just want to let you know that your products work wonders. Thank you for your wonderful products and keep on creating your magical alchemical formulas. May you have abundance in all things, Sherry M. March 2013
  • “I have recently commenced using the Mermaid Cleanser and Goddess Day cream, and I can see that my skin is looking increasingly radiant and healthy. It feels ‘uplifted’ which is just wonderful! It has given me such a boost and I feel so happy I have found such amazing products!”- Karen F


  • “I think Purestuf Products are ABSOLUTELY divine and I can honestly say the most divine skincare products I think I have ever used – seriously ! As you know I have worked with many cosmetic products over the past 20 years but nothing compares to Purestuf ! When I put the Bliss Night Cream on ‘before dreaming’ on Friday night everything about it was delicious. It was like putting lemon souffle on my face, the texture, the fragrance and the results – incredible. I know you told me that this is what you hear from people who use your products and I never doubted you, but now I have tried these products for myself I am addicted for life.” – Fiona Keogh, Star PR and Events
  • “I am so glad that I ‘stumbled’ across your website, really love the products that I am already using, especially the ‘Glow Face Scrub’. In the short time that I have been using Purestuf I think my skin is now much clearer and brighter, and I am really enjoying my daily skin care routine.  Thank you so much for these wonderful products”. Lyn M , Albury
  • ‘I see Chrissy’s range – Purestuf, as giving supreme vitality to the skin on a cellular level.”   Helen Z (Dentist) Sydney CBD
  • “I first started using Purestuf’s ‘Acne Cleansing Bar‘ and ‘Inspired Face Cream‘ 9 months ago, after a good family friend (and Purestuf lover) introduced me to the wonderful products.After having problematic skin as a teenager, you can imagine my concern as a twenty something when I started to develop severe [cystic] acne on my face, neck and back. Having sensitive skin, I had tried many products and medicines to help my condition over the previous months without avail, and was starting to give up hope. I reluctantly accepted my friend’s Purestuf gift with little expectation of the products, and begun a strict cleansing regime to try and get my skin back in order. After a few weeks of treatment I had already begun to see an improvement, and now, nine months on, I am delighted to say I am a Purestuf convert, and that my skin remains clear of the acne that made me so unhappy…and although I still have some scaring; better then it has ever been!!Purestuf’s products smell and feel amazing, and I am so pleased I found them! Thank you Chrissy and keep up the good work making these amazing products! ”     Lauren  mid 20’s
  • The testimonial below is the reason I tried Hope cream. I had a spot of eczema on the bottom of my leg, a bit larger than the size of a 50 cent piece. It wasn’t itchy, but just looked red and inflamed. I tried everything over the last eight months to get rid of it, but the only thing that worked was the Hope Cream. I began applying the cream about 5 weeks ago. All cleared up in less than three weeks. Even after the first application I could see a difference. Amazing! This is a product that I will thoroughly recommend to anyone with eczema. I have now been using your skincare products for almost three months now and will never use anything else. I have only just recently become Vegan and these products fit in perfectly with my lifestyle. My skin has never looked or felt better. Nina  – September 2011
  • “My youngest daughter is 12 years old.  She has been suffering from skin eczema for about 10 years.  We live in the Midwestern United States, where the temperatures and wind chill can drop well below zero Fahrenheit.  That kind of bitter cold causes dry skin for everyone who lives here.  However, my daughter, despite wearing mittens outdoors faithfully, will experience rough hands with cracked and peeling knuckles that bleed.  The pain is severe.Today we find our linen closet filled with countless jars, bottles and tubes of the ‘over-the-counter’ and prescription treatments we have used in attempt to find a solution.   By now, our expectations are no higher than looking for “temporary relief” provided we consistently apply for several days.  My child has known no other life than dry, hurting hands.During a recent visit to Sydney Australia, I met Chrissy Birdsall.  I chose to try Purestuf Hope Cream on my daughters hand eczema when I returned back to the States.  The results were astounding!Purestuf Hope Cream worked better to conquer skin eczema in just TWO applications, than all the other products we have tried in the last ten years combined.  Thank you Chrissy Birdsall and the Purestuf Team for producing a product with incredible integrity and bountiful love so a 12 year old girl in the United States can smile!Thank you Purestuf Natural Skin Care.All the best,”Kimberly SellnowThe Wisdom Projectwww.kimberlysellnow.com
    •  Purestuf All Natural Skincare is a natural skincare and organic beauty product