Glow Face Scrub Review

Glow Face Scrub Review

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Description: Reformulated for even better care for your skin. The Purestuf Glow Face Scrub with Jojoba Beads is more gentle and effective. Using Purestuf’s ingredients that are organically pure and made with love, the new Glow Face Scrub contains natural jojoba beads to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells leaving your skin supple and smooth whilst the light citrus aromas uplift and refresh. Jojoba beads are nourishing waxes from the jojoba plant that enrich and condition the skin.

These small spheres do not leave micro-lacerations on the skin that harsher scrubs often do. Such scrubs cause microscopic cuts can result in premature wrinkles and provide an entrance for bacteria into the skin’s surface. Jojoba Beads also do not irritate or burn the skin the way AHA/BHA or other acid products can. Perfect for all skin types, particularly dry skin. Follow with Goddess Day Cream for perfectly soft skin. .

Size: 100ml
Price: AUD $ 50.00

Overall Star Rating: 4.5

This face scrub from Purestuf is a truly gentle product that would be suitable for even very sensitive skins. Formulated with lovely oils such as sweet almond, macadamia, coconut and rose, it even felt moisturising on my skin. The granules are very small, therefore very gentle on the skin.

Anyone with skin sensitivities, rosacea or broken capillaries would be able to use this scrub. The one down side to the scrub was the packaging, as it was noted by our panellists, it should come in a tube making it more shower friendly.
joanne2_green_paneljoanne2My first impression of this scrub was that it isn’t worth the price, considering the size, the packaging and the brand itself. However once I started using it I found the texture is nice and soft and it smells like food! The Jojoba beads are nothing like the normal exfoliants in the marketplace. It’s very gentle and didn’t make my skin red after use.

I have tried not to use it in the shower and I found it a bit dry and the skin feels slightly pulling. Still, for the best results, use it in the shower as recommended. It would be easier to use if it came in a pump, rather than in a pot. But not a big issue after all. The steam does a great job in enhancing the results of the product – making my complexion rejuvenated and silky smooth. I would definitely purchase this product again. 5 stars! Love it.

Personal Rating: 5

rebeccaVery simple yet cute tub of product. I loved the texture. It was grainy enough to feel like it was working, but did not hurt at all! The smell is divine although I do not know what the fragrance is. I found it difficult to apply in the shower, if you have wet hands as you have to open the lid, remove the “plug”, scoop out product and replace the lids without getting too much water into the tub. The scrub was easy to wash off, and left no discernable film or trace on the skin. It left my skin feeling soft, supple and glowy. My makeup went on smoother the next day.
Personal Rating:  5
lindaI absolutely loved the scent and was impressed with the texture. I could tell immediately that it should be very suitable for a sensitive, easily irritated T-Zone!! And the scent is just divine!! The application was unusual at first, as I don’t usually apply a scrub every 2nd day, nor do I usually apply my facial scrub in the shower (as per the recommendations on the label). I was initially concerned it might be harsh for my sensitive T-zone, scrubbing every 2nd day.

However I soon found that this was definitely not the case, that this could be used every 2nd day, and my complexion was not irritated in the slightest. I would highly recommend this to anyone with a sensitive complexion, who find many other scrubs are too harsh or abrasive. My skin is glowing from using this product, as recommended, every 2nd day. The scrub is very creamy, not at all harsh or abrasive, but still very effective. It has an ideal number of Jojoba granules, enough to be effective, without being too abrasive. It goes on very easily, and a little definitely goes a long way. It will last many months, even with usage every 2nd day. Absolutely loved it!

The only negative on the product, in my opinion is that the contents are in a jar. I would have preferred that the scrub were not in a jar, I was having to dip my wet fingertips into the contents to apply, while showering, plus potentially water could get into the jar too. I would have preferred a tube design, for product purity, to help keep water out of the contents when using in the shower, and also it would be easier to use, as recommended, in the shower. Overall it is a top quality scrub, and gentle enough for sensitive skin to tolerate well (many aren’t!!). 
is quite expensive for a face scrub, compared to my usual spend on a scrub! However, this is a handmade product, with top quality ingredients, so in my opinion is worth the money. I give it 4 Stars (if in a tube, not a jar, would have been a 5!!).

Personal Rating: 4
kerinThis scrub was easy to apply. It felt more like a rich cream cleanser than a scrub. It washed off easily in the shower and didn’t leave any residue. My skin felt cleansed and moisturised but not scrubbed. The smell was wonderful – citrusy & refreshing. Great to wake you up in the morning. The texture was rich and creamy – similar to sorbolene.

There didn’t seem to be many exfoliating beads/kernels in it so I wouldn’t use it as a scrub. This product is very gentle. It would be good for people with sensitive skin and could be used daily as a cleanser.   I feel the 100mL size is very small for a scrub.
Personal Rating: 4
claudiaI found this product to be too creamy on my skin as I prefer to use a gel based face scrub, but it has a lovely citrus scent. Overall it is a nice product that is very pleasant to use.
Personal Rating: 4

This is an original formulation of Chrissy Birdsall and is one of the best organic beauty products available on the web today.