Convenience describes the modern world! Purestuf has recognised the need for easy access to good quality skincare, particularly in harsh, travelling environments such as short and long-haul air flights, weekends at the beach or in harsh weather conditions of the snow fields.

We offer Three (3) ways to take Purestuf with you on your travels:-

1. Pure One All-in-One

Ideal for short journeys and weekends away.

It can be used to firstly cleanse the skin of residue and make up (including the eyes!) and then Pure One is applied to nourish and moisturise eyes, face, neck and body.

2. The Goddess Womens Travel Skin Care provides you with a complete, small and convenient skincare regime suitable for on-board flying, travel or to simple ‘trial’ the products for yourself. They provide you with Organic Skincare, one of the best beauty buys and Australian made also.

A convenient kit of travel-sized products from the Goddess women’s range. Cherish your skin with a selection of essential products, ideal for travel or a special gift.

It contains Four Goddess essentials in 15 ml sizes including Pure One All-in-One Cream, Vitamin Serum, Neck Serum and a Anti Aging Firming Travel Balm plus a 15 ml Kissable Lip Balm and a face washer.

3. Goddess Starter Pack goddess starter pack

For extended Travel we also stock a Goddess Starter Pack with 20 ml containers of Five (5) of our main Goddess Face products