How to Use Purestuf Natural Skin Care – 7 Easy Steps

Your Skin Care Routine – 5 Easy Steps for Morning and 2 for Night

How to Use Purestuf Natural Skincare Products for the best Results for Your Skin

Morning Program (5 Steps)

Step 1


Glow Face Scrubs rich formula will boost circulation and increase cell renewal. It revitalises dull and lacklustre skin. Apply the scrub to a wet face, massage gently and then rinse with warm water.  Showering is a great time to use Glow. Use Glow every second day.
 Step 2


Purestuf’s Vitamin Spray is a specialist toner which uses jasmine and rose essential oils combined with vitamins A,C & E. They balance and tone complexions beautifully.
An alternative to Vitamin Spray is Heavenly Mist which combines a delicate formula of essential oils (rose and camomile) with aloe vera.
Use either Heavenly Mist or Vitamin Spray as a toner after cleansing, or anytime to freshen and revitalise the face and lift the spirits.
Step 3


There are a number of Specialist Moisturisers that can be used including our signature Goddess Day Cream which is packed with rich nutrients.  It moisturises deeply to leave the skin looking so healthy, it glows.
Other Purestuf Moisturising creams options include Anti Aging Firming Cream or Green Tea Cream for troubled skin products like Enlightened Cream, Inspired, Hope or Teen Creams.
Apply daily to clean skin and gently massage with your fingertips.
 Step 4

(Your Eyes)

 Sparkle Eye Cream combines cucumber oil with cucumber extracts and aloe vera.  It rejuvenates sensitive skin around the eyes and can fade fine lines.
Using your fingertips, gently pat around the eye area, firstly just below the brow line and then along the top of the cheek bones.
Step 5

(Make Up Primer)

Leave on Mask acts as a primer for makeup. It makes the application of makeup smoother, and its finish is dew like.
Apply after moisturizing and before foundation. Its ingredients include argon oil and zeolite mineral clay.

Night Program (2 steps)

Step 1


Mermaid Cleanser gently removes makeup and cleanses your skin without removing natural oils.  Apply by massaging with your fingertips, remove with a tissue or rinse with warm water.
Step 2


Bliss Night Cream is a night moisturiser which is rich in nutrients to help revitalise and replenish your complexion while you sleep. Night is when skin renewal is at its peak.  Massage Bliss into the face with your fingertips and let the organic healing oils do their work.
Other Purestuf Products to use as night moisturisers include Anti Aging Firming Oil, Rose Face Balm and Sparkle Eye Cream