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Purestuf Packaging Options – Jar or Bottle with Pump or Flip Top – Your Choice

One of the delightful things about custom making our products is that not only can we make products to suit each clients special requests, we can also package all our products in different ways.

Although our website shows products supplied in various containers we can adapt each product to any of our 3 package options.
For example Pure One is shown in a bottle with a pump.

However we have offered the option to supply Pure One and some other products like Mermaid with a flip top for some years now.

Interestingly, in the last year or so, some clients have asked for Pure One to be supplied in a “Jar” with a screw top just like many of our Goddess face products

Goddess Face Cream in a Jar with Screw Top

If you have a preference to have any Purestuf Product packaged in a different way to the way it is displayed on the website, just note it on your order, email Chrissy at [email protected] or call her on 0402 791 273

New Natural Skin Care Products from Purestuf

One of the great pleasures in making my Purestuf is the continuing creation of new Natural Skin care products.

Over the last 6 months, I have created a number of new Natural Skin care products for my beauty therapist clients like Solar Springs Health Retreat to use in their spa and as special seasonal products and for another local beauty therapist and makeup artist Ethix . The development of these new natural skin care products leads me to release some of these products as retail products. Continue reading New Natural Skin Care Products from Purestuf