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Cucumber Extracts Contain Anti Aging Properties

Cucumber is well known as a wonderful addition to a garden salad. Sometimes it is seen in movies as an eye treatment for a movie star with tired eyes. However this subtle “movie star” link to the therapeutic benefits in general skin and eye care products is less well understood.

Cucumber In Skin Care

Extracts from cucumber can be used to create an organic herbal mix that will firm your skin and make it look fresher. The mixture of the properties of cucumber extract, when combined with other ingredients like vitamin E and organic oils like macadamia, sweet almond and coconut, help repair damaged or tired skin and assist in moisturizing the skin around your eyes. These natural and organic ingredients deeply nourish the skin and assist in sustaining the skin’s vitality.
Cucumber based ingredients also create a soothing effect on your skin, enriching your skin’s moisture and reducing wrinkles. Continue reading Cucumber Extracts Contain Anti Aging Properties