Baby Boomers, Anti Aging and Natural Skin Care Products

One of the big topics for the generation known as the “baby boomers” is anti aging.

People born in the Post World War 2 period (between 1946 and 1964) won’t retire at a fixed age, the way previous generations have done. Due to significant improvements in health care and healthier living styles baby boomers will retire fully at much later ages, even if they retire from their main occupations at similar and sometimes earlier ages than their parents, as they will continue to be very active members of both the workplace and volunteer organisations.anti aging

They are generally conscious of living a healthy lifestyle, eating high quality or organic foods, and using natural skin care products. Their average life expectancy is now in their 80’s compared to previous generations in their 70’s.

Baby Boomers have learned ways to manage the stresses of modern life which were unknown to previous generations. They will exercise much more, they will meditation - baby boomershave learned to stop the work they do and have regular holidays and they will look after their bodies by using more natural foods and using natural skin care products like Purestuf Natural Skincare.

Most Baby Boomers will have been members of a gym at some time, been involved in outdoor activities and be very physically active compared to their parents. Their minds are kept active by massive improvements in technology that were only dreamed about even 10 years ago. These advances in technology ensure they have to continually learn new things to live in the world today. One only has to look at the availability of smart phones, iPads and other devices which free up the ability to work and travel while staying in touch. They can travel to one end of the earth and back in a matter of days.

With the advent of instant communication through these advanced technology solutions they are aware of something that happens on the other side of the planet immediately, they able to watch any activity be it sport, celebrity, learning, royal birth or a simulcast, anywhere in the world in real time. Their enjoyment, learning and personal development can occur at any time to suit them as they can record the programs and watch at a convenient time. They even watch these events on their smart phones and iPads at any location that suits them, not just at a fixed point in their home or office.

Evidence of this interest in anti aging techniques is evidenced by the proliferation of new Gym openings, nail care studios, day spas and beauty centres that are using natural skin care products more and more. At Purestuf Natural Skincare we have developed a specialised range of Anti Aging Firming Products based on Natural and Organic Ingredients. The use of these products is constantly expanding, and testimonials from clients confirms clear signs of improvement in their skin tone, texture and glow.

In summary the interest in anti aging by baby boomers will continue to expand as people continue to expand and grow and find new ways to live their lives not even considered feasible 10 years ago.