Natural Treatments in Skin Care Provide Solutions for Acne

natural treatments Aloe_VeraAcne in its mild form can easily disappear with natural treatments. Its not surprising that acne can be treated using some of the basic herbs and remedies offered by nature. It just takes a little patience. People spend thousands of dollars on chemical products,and often find the condition getting worse. However, you can always rely on holistic natural  treatments to help deal with acne problems.

Natural Treatments for Acne include

1. Herbal Natural Treatments

lemonExternal herbal natural treatments are most often the best and also a cheap option for treating acne. Herbs have a deep connection with Chinese Medicine and healing.  Certain combinations of herbs such as aloe vera, tea tree oil, lavender and calendula have been known to tackle acne effectively. For centuries, the aloe vera has been known as the herb that enhances the beauty of a person, which is why it can be seen used in most beauty products, especially those originating from India. Tea tree oil, is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties as it is used as a first aid medicine for treating a number of skin ailments, including acne, blackheads and other infections. Lavender is popular for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Calendula has powerful healing properties that have been in use since the time of Cleopatra.

2. Natural Treatments Diet

Did you know that high fat foods, junk and oily foods contribute to the increased pace of acne outbursts? If suffering from acne, you should stop the intake of high fat foods and take on as many vegetables and fruits as you can. Have boiled vegetables with grilled chicken for lunch, have fruits for snacks and drink plenty of water. Skin dehydration can also at times lead to acne outbursts. When you drink water, it releases all toxins from the body, thus giving you fresh, clear skin. Vegetables and fruits have been known to give the skin a beautiful tone while at the same time keeping you fresh, and giving smooth skin.

3. Acne Prevention

Use of excessive makeup is also most of the time responsible for acne outbursts. Foundation products sometimes contain harmful ingredients that get into the skin pores and clogs them up. The skin needs to breathe freely, however comedogenic elements in makeup products can clog the tiny pores and thus result in formation of dead cells, which entraps the oil of the skin. Dead skin cells and the trapped oil combine  forming acne or pimples. Avoid applying makeup as much as possible especially during acne outbreaks to help in the natural treatments.

4. Exercise and A Healthy Lifestyle

Never underestimate the benefits of exercise. A morning jog down a local lane or a walk in the park are a classic way to tone up your body, while at the same time helping to cleanse your skin. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with a good diet, good sleep, use natural treatments and an active routine.

5. Organic Skin Care – Natural Treatments

To help cleanse acne from your skin, it is best to concentrate on using natural or organic skin care products like Purestuf. The use of too many chemicals will only add to the the acne issues as your natural skin cells gets confused with the combination of chemical based products. Try the Purestuf Acne Solutions Pack  for as little as $A 12 and see the difference. Numerous testimonials and satisfied clients highly recommend these organic based products.

Chrissy Birdsall is a renowned beauty and skincare authority, with over 40 year’s industry experience. Her boutique skincare business, Purestuf Natural Skincare, uses the finest natural and organic ingredients. The products are available for purchase online at or by contacting 0402 791 273 or [email protected].

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