Beauty is an Inside Job – Beyond the External

Beauty is so much more than your external beauty. The following article outlines why beauty is an inside job when you consider the beauty of wisdom, laughter, gratitude, hugging, allowing love and enjoying your inner child.

Beauty of Wisdom

Thinking about wisdom and what it really means.

How does Wisdom differ from Intelligence?

It’s not fact gathering, learned knowledge or experience.

Wisdom has moved past the struggle of learning and into a wellspring of inner knowing.

Certainly looking into a face of an older, loving person, there is a whisper of beauty that was, and a knowing that life has been lived and felt fully experienced.

Yes there is a beauty in wisdom

Laughter is an Anti-Ageing formula

When we laugh, any stress we might be feeling leaves the face, relaxes the body and calms the mind.

We are transported into the present moment.

Even watching someone laughing, makes us want to laugh with them or smile. ( check out my laughter videos on You Tube by clicking here)

Laughing and smiling exercises the face muscles and fine lines disappear.

Gratitude expands Energy

anti agingEvery time we are grateful for anything or thankful our aura expands.

Each thankful thought creates more of the same in return.

More joy equals more joy

Finding things to be grateful for creates a shiny, open hearted youthful energy and vibration, which leads to an expansion of beauty.

A Hug a Day keeps the Wrinkles Away

Hugging is a heart opening exercise

Hugging a friend or new friend is another way to relax and let your loving nature show.

Connecting with each other for the pure joy of it with no expectations

Give a hug a day and keep the wrinkles away

Allow People to Love You

Letting people express their love and kindness is the best gift you can receive.

When given a compliment accept it with grace and a simple thank you.

Love and Kindness can be the simple act of accepting a recommended book as you may learn something new.

Small acts of kindness can change your mood and help lift another’s spirit and beauty.

Honour your Inner Child

Loving the child part of us starts to heal old pain and releases inner stresses.

Gently and lovingly talk to your child self.

Always talk with kindness, acceptance and forgiveness.

Often we are too harsh on ourselves, when we make a so called mistake.

The inner child part can very quickly feel shame and guilt.

Make sure you give yourself (and your inner child), reassurance and loving acceptance and then move on to remember something you love about yourself.

Beauty is an Inside job
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